First Step to Using Git

Posted by Lawrence Sun on 2013-05-02

Part one create a repository

First of all, your should create an account @github.

Then "Create A Repository" to create an place where your commits will be stored, a "Public" one. Normally, with a README.

Copy the HTTPS url, then

git clone url    # paste your https url here

ls # check files

cd yourrepositoryname 

subl .  # modified through sublime text

git status # should see "changes not staged for commit"

git add    # git add .         add all files

git status # should see "changes to be commited"

git commit -m "modified the file"    # should see 1 file changed etc.

# if this is the first time, then

git config -- global "your user name"

git config -- global user. email your email address

git push origin master        # type in your username and password


Part two generate ssh keys