Something...on the D Day

Posted by Lawrence Sun on 2013-05-18

"I wasted time and now doth time waste me." 

When I saw this sentence from Richard II of Shakespeare's on TV, I was about to cry. I have wasted time for few years.
I struggled, confused, despaired... The path of my life was to pursue an academic career, as my friends and family desired. I had no second thought about it, just kept going... until I furthered my study at UK. I found that this path was not for me. I don't want to head into academic sand despairingly, or wander within a narrow space. I may let my family down, but I would like to choose the way that could stimulate my inner passion.


Fortunately, I found something I really want to do few months ago. When I worked hard day and night at restaurant, traveled from north to south on holiday, I got time to think. Some ridiculous ideas just came to my mind, many of which were related to the web world. Meanwhile, I read tech news and subscribed startup mailing list. I could do it on my own, why not?

I am young, while, not that young. I don't have to achieve something, but I want to do something. Last winter, I took a wonderful trip to North Ireland, where I decided to implement one of my crazy idea (ok, quite normal one) finally.

I took Udacity online course about startup. The core concept was thrilling. Get out of your office, get to know your customer's pains and gains, and get your product done gradually (MVP -- minimum viable product ) in a recurring way. Righto, Let's rock... As you may know me, I have procrastination. Severe one, I must say. I enjoy the moment shortly before deadline.


The first step is most difficult. My grandma encouraged me a lot. Early this month, I began the adventure at last, with my first step  -- I had a good chat with my potential client. Yesterday, 16 May, in my opinion, should be remembered as D day -- my first ugly but charming product launched at Google Play Store.

I have absolutely no idea about the future. I just want to do something now.