Web or Native Apps

Posted by Lawrence Sun on 2013-05-24

Although my first product(and few more) in my beta company(means it haven't been registered yet... ) was accidentally a native app, I still want to implement some of my ideas on web applications.

I don't mean web apps outweigh native apps. Native app has its advantage, especially the ability to easily use the preinstalled programs like gps, camera, contacts etc. But you have to consider the difference among the platforms, policies etc. Well, to change the subject completely, my first app got on Google Play within minutes, and then approved by Apple four days after submission. I had little expectation  of that, coz Apple had extremely stringent restriction.

All right,  back to original topic. Web application could establish  soon regardless of  multi-platforms. But when developing web apps, we should consider the compatibility with mobile devices.

BTW, I started to learn Ruby and then Rails online. I will write a review after the course.