UK Economy Recovery?

Posted by Lawrence Sun on 2013-08-30

The GDP for the second quarter seems good, 0.6% growth. PMIs looks strong as well. The interesting thing is, most people here especially the Chancellor look happy. While in China, people feel nervous and anxious about 7.5% growth. Maybe people just get used to the high speed growth in the past 20 years.

Back to UK, is UK economy on the recovery way or not? I have absolutely no idea till today. All I know was that when I came to UK three years ago, a box of mince was £1.00, now it's nearly £2.00. Not alone the rent, bill, transport etc. More and more thieves and muggers on the street.

Today I met my business manager, two weeks after I made the appointment. I asked him if it was quite busy. He told me that it was the busiest time he ever experienced in the last three years. So I thought,  it might be a good signal.