My Journey as a Wantrepreneur -- $1 Story

Posted by Lawrence Sun on 2013-10-14

I liked the word 'wantrepreneur' since I saw it. Briefly speaking, I set up a company this summer. After quitting my full-time job, I finally started my business this month.

All I did in the last two weeks was exactly a wantrepreneur would do. Buying a domain, setting up a website, printing business cards, renting a office(well, I just bought a virtual one coz I didn't get enough money...), preparing keynotes...etc. BUT, I haven't touched a single customer! I was afraid of being turned town, no confidence of my skills and products.

I know many people like myself want to set up own business and live a freedom life. I read the blogs, ebooks of 'How to xxx' all day and all of the night. And, of course, the overnight millionaire stories of start-ups.

I found 'How to make a $1000 a month' on Appsumo few days ago. I was suspicious at first about this kind of 'How to' things and even now. After seeing the reviews and related videos, I thought,  why not have a try. So I joined today.

The first class is to make $1 from friends. I know I could easily get $1 from my parents and roommate friends. I want to do something different. So I posted something like 'I am taking this course and want to make $1 to begin my business. Could you help me out. ' and 'Not scam.' on Facebook and  then left my Paypal Address. I felt nervous and embarrassed, my heart rated up.

10 minutes later, I received a message from my classmate, 'Hi longtime no see.' Well yes, I haven't log in Facebook for ages.

Then I realized I should try other methods. While most of my friends (in China) were in sleep at that time,  I sent a message to one of my close friends in USA. She agreed after my explanation but the problem was that she didn't use Paypal.

Not a victory yet. But I feel good now coz I will ask for money from customers one day.

Updated: here is the money I got, not in my hand though...

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