#LeanConf in Manchester

Posted by Lawrence Sun on 2013-10-28

I spent a wonderful weekend here in Manchester ---- nice food and 10+ cups of coffee throughout the day, 4 or 5 bottles of beer at night ... sounds nice, innit?

Plus, I learned quite a lot about lean startup.

One year ago, I got some vague ideas of lean startup from Steve Blank's online course. I haven't complete that course and haven't read the famous lean startup book. But after reading plenty of 'inspiring' posts and quotes like 'Get off your office', I felt exciting, wanted to 'Follow your heart', quit job and Rock...

Then I found that I didn't know how to implement. First of all, talking to customers was not that easy. I didn't know who to talk, what to talk and how to talk. Secondly, what the hell is MVP? Is it a paper scratch, a website...? Besides, I didn't have confidence of my skills and ideas. So few weeks later, I lose my enthusiasm.

I found LeanConf from the startupdigest in late summer. I thought it will be beneficial for me to meet up similar mind guys and learn from the (un)successful founders. And it would be held in Manchester thanks to Ben @benaldred and Manuel @Digital_tonic. In addition, it offered 2 for 1 tickets including startup weekend.

So I attended this conference which was amazing. Tomorrow I will write what I learned from it.