Some Thoughts on Copywriting

Posted by Lawrence Sun on 2013-10-31

I learned something about copywriting two weeks ago. I was excited about it. I felt I got the golden key to marketing coz I got to know AIDA, which stands for Attetion, Interest, Desire, Action. I thought it was way better than a formal sales letter. In my experience, I seldom read the whole boring letters and usually throw them into trash directly. I also learned some tricks, like bold font and misspelling to attract attentions, short width layout leading a comfort reading, adding interesting P.S. I knew how to find a charming subtitle from Digg or reddit.

So I implement this methodology. I found around 20 email addresses of restaurants and salons (which are my targeting customers). I started the letter with some questions like Do you have your own mobile app? Do you know more than 60% people use smartphones? Do you know over there are 500,000,000 app downloading per day? I presented what we provide and what they could gain from it and how to action in the following parts. I also added a limited offer, trying to urge them make a quick decision. I put a subtitle called seriously you will have your own app for free. Clicked send. Besides, I post the same letters to some of these business using the hand writing envelope(coz I think it will increase the open chances).

Ok, good news, opening rate over 60%. There is always a but following. 0 reply.

I had a thought today. They probably close it after reading the first line. Why should they bother mobile apps? They care about traffic, customer loyalty, and more importantly, revenue. Most of them may not know what is app. Although I explained the relationship between the features and benefits below, they probably lose the interesting at first.

Next time I will change the Attention part more relevant to customers.