Get 10% Off My Coffee

Posted by Lawrence Sun on 2013-11-02

I couldn't believe I finally went into Starbucks and asked for 10% off my medium latte.

I haven't asked for discount in my life before today. Even I was overcharged, I rarely argued that.

"Can I get 10% off ? " I asked the staff with (disinclined) smile.

The staff looked surprised. So I asked it again.

"What.. Why?"

"It's an assignment of my business course."

"Well... do you have a loyalty card or ...? "

"No. I just want to get 10% off."

"Sorry, no..."

Failed as imagined. But I felt good.

I usually don't take the first step out. I lived in fear of failure, rejection, being embarrassed in public...

When I looked back, I thought it wasn't a big deal. I saw a lot of people asking for discount or other ridiculous requests.

But the failure today means a lot to me, a least I tried, and I am prepared to fail again.