Cracker Jokes

Posted by Lawrence Sun on 2013-12-25

I spent few hours on building Cracker Jokes – A Web Application based on Ruby and Sinatra.

I have little knowledge of Christmas. Sleeping and eating instant noodles was the theme of last few Christmas. This year, however, I am invited to a Christmas party. Apart from chosing the gifts, I also got to know some more about Christmas tradition.

Craker Jokes is one of them. I have seen it few times on UK films and also inside Tescos. So I came up with the idea – backing up some cracker jokes for the party.

I decide to use Ruby and Sinatra to realize it. Since I built a similar web app last summer, I set up this app quickly.

The feature is quite simple, pop up a joke and click to see the next. Click here and have fun! Suggestions are always welcome.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year